Sustainable Development Marquette Michigan

Green building is no longer simply a philosophical decision, it’s a choice we’ve  made because it’s the right thing to do for the environment and future generations. It’s as equally important today to build sustainable developments,  as it is to building green or high performance homes. For some, this may still be a new term. In general, sustainable development is a comprehensive approach to community planning that views a neighborhood as a dynamic, living entity.  It integrates green ideas into every aspect of the community and focuses on creating an environment where humans and nature can mutually thrive together.  Therefore, in each and every decision, the interdependent relationships between the two are carefully considered.  Sustainable development is the umbrella under which traditional neighborhood development, conservation development and green home building converge.

For over 35 years, Sunrise Builders has been committed to conserving and preserving the beautiful northern forestlands surrounding our homes.  Being environmentally responsible is part of the Sunrise DNA – it’s the culture, and has been since day one.  

To Build Green you need to Think Green. That is why at Sunrise Builders we start with the land and work with environmental Land Planners and Engineers to ensure that “best practices” principles are taken to protect the environment.  Our process utilizes “ smart growth” land planning and design techniques to create the best balance of preserving  the natural environment,  while building desirable neighborhoods. This knowledge helps preserve natural habitats, watershed and ecosystems and as a result, give higher quality homes and communities.  Advanced natural storm water design techniques, comprehensive soil erosion prevention measures, natural tree buffers, native species planting, and narrower, safer streets, are hallmarks of our sustainable development practices. These all can be found in both of our award winning Granite Pointe and Harlow Farms Conservation Communities.

“Creating Community” takes on a whole new meaning at Harlow Farms.  Sunrise Builders strives to ensure that Harlow Farms homeowners feel as though they are truly part of a community where the community planners and residents are in harmony, all working towards the same goals.  They are all a part the Harlow Farms Conservation Community, sharing in this commitment and gift to our future generations. This extraordinary, 105 acre enclave preserves a lifestyle bound by its love of the north woods.  Within the Harlow Farms Community, Homeowners enjoy a maintained trail system that intermingles within the neighborhood communities, 25 acres of conservation areas, protected ponds and creeks,  and ample shared community spaces, such as a children’s playground.  In the heart of Harlow Farms you’ll find the 2,200 square foot Harlow Farms Neighborhood Center, where residents can enjoy neighborhood events and private parties.  Choices for community life are endless. Many other trails and paved paths are planned to accomplish the complete walkability of the community as it progresses.

The Developer LR Swadley feels that the right balance of sustainable land development and  high performance homes are what create the “Sense of Place” that defines Conservation Communities, and is the reason so many people are drawn to our neighborhoods in the Marquette area.